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45, female, Single

Berazategui, Argentina

I'm a kindergarten English teacher. I like learning different languages, touring the world, meeting different cultures. I'm simple, relax, happy. I love animals, nature, children, cooking and doing yoga every day. I am not impressed by rich people, luxurious homes or cars. I am not looking for a "sugar daddy" to support me or an all-muscle-all-looks man. I just want a life partner who can accept all my flaws (like I'll accept his) and can still love me. I am not perfect but I'm honest and humble :)

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41, male, Single

Bunker Hill, United States

I'm a Cambodian-American trying to reconnect with the country my parents came from. I do travel 2 or 3 times a year. I was in Cambodia at the end of 2014 to visit families but will be going again next year as a vacation. Since I've lived in the States all my life I'm more fluent with English than Khmer language. But don't be shy. I'm out to make friends so go ahead and talk to me.

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66, male, Divorced

Samraong Pir, Cambodia

If you would like to see the World and are adventurous then we can travel around to different parts of the globe. South America, India other Asian countries everyone needs to speak English so I can teach almost anywhere in the World, like to join me? I can't promise you first class all the way because it's teachers pay but we can live comfortably and enjoy different cultures together.I'm mature but fit English guy living in Cambodia teaching English. I go to the gym 3/4 times a week and try to live a reasonably healthy lifestyle. I'm Looking for slim/athletic pretty lady to be my partner for life.My ideal partner will be a happy, smiley, kind person who is not just looking for the money. Who can love me as I am with my faults as well as my good points. I'm very sensitive and get hurt easily so you need to handle with care.If we together I will share everything with you and you will be the centre of my World.I'm genuinely looking for a partner to share my life with till the end, I'm easy going, kind, gentle and loving person would like to find the same.One more thing I can't have children so if you want a family am not your man, I had a vasectomy after my son was born over 20 years ago.About you

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37, female, Single

Andorra La Vella, Andorra

I want to met new people and practice my bad english alsso. I lové my frèedom and my job. Walk , wine , photo , friends , lové , etc

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39, male, Single

Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh

Hi, I just want to give an honest description about me below, your picture shows you are a good woman and you must be looking for a good and educated and loving person here, but it is hard to trust anybody here because people sometimes generalise, i have been on this site for over 6 months now, i did not find anybody seriously looking for anything. Because people think that there is no real person, but I totally disagree with that, I am real person and i am here for the honest purpose, for marriage only. I liked your profile,I am from Bangladesh but I can move, I am university English teacher. I am very good person. I want a real and honest marriage here. People think that there is no good people on this site, but I am real and honest person.My education:Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English Language, University of Ulster, UKMA in English, North South University, BangladeshBA in English, East West University, BangladeshI am a lecturer in English at the University here.

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