Alexander Vidiborskiy

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25, male, Single

Shelby Gap, United States

Who am I? Sometimes I feel like I don't even know who I am but what I can tell you I know about myself? My name is Corey, Corey Alexander James Arnett. Im a Leo, I'm 18 years old, I gradated highschool with a troublesome life. I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Gulfport mainly. I've always had a troubled life growing. During grade school I was always in trouble. Middle school, I went through my Emo phases, Highschool I begun slowly fitting into the crowd. I fixed myself up, and enrolled in JROTC. Though, I was still getting into fights, I got into trouble so back, One night I was rushed into ER with a bullet in my arm and leg due to a Drive by. Afterwards I knew I had to leave. I packed up, moved to Wyoming, a month later illinois. Then Iowa. Out of my whole life, I only had a few friends maybe 3 throughout my education life, 1 person I fell madly in love with and then to get jumped because it was known I loved her. I've always had depression, I've always had insomnia , and I know a lot more people have it worse then I do

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28, male, Single

Saniyat Zitwal, Belize

Hello my name is Christopher Alexander Melgar and I live in San Pedro Belize looking or a beautiful girl that I can get to know. Thanks

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38, female, Single

Duarte, United States

My name is Rachael parker, I am 29 years old and I was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria . I have spent the some wonderful time of my life there, and I love it. I could share that I am fortunate to have wonderful parents Mr&Mrs Alexander parker, my aunt Emilia living a few block from our house who I adore. I am undoubtedly blessed by a Christian upbringing because I am the only child of my parents. My childhood years were filled with sports, playing in the woods by our house, reading, church activities. But one tragic incident took place, my mom & dad was coming back from a trip and on their way, they had fatal accident that took their lives away without notice. It was a sad, shocking and sorrowful moment for everybody. My father, an engineer had worked for shell oil company, he was the head of project operations in charge of drilling and oil exploration so most of the time he is always sent to other countries on exploration jobs and my mom was a nurse but dedicated her life working to help the needy as medical missionary, she had worked for red cross which took her to many places base on UN mission program in helping people with severe disabilities and the less privileged.. Apparently you would say that my parent are mainly After the demise of my parent, I felt I have lost everything, one happy home...ALL gone in a twinkle of an eye. But my aunty was there for me, she was my shoulder to lean on during that time. So 1 year later. she took me with her and we relocated to Anchorage Alaska.

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62, male, Widowed

Stroud, United Kingdom

love the piano and 20s music. play in a charity shop most saturdays and with various friends and accomplices. would ideally like to meet a singer but not essential! like science, evolution, maths, chess, and reading from Frank Herbert to Alexander McCall Smith etc.

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58, male, Widowed

Brookline, United States

I'm Alexander From Usa I'm a widower i lost my wife five years ago i have one son, i work for the UN united nations as a humanitarian peacekeeping officer in Cyprus I'm searching for a honest woman that i will spend the rest of my life with, i want to love and to be loved.

Alexander Vidiborskiy - See Me Again

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