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32, male, Single

Kuwayris Sharqi, Ghana

I like programming software, watching movies and hung out with friends. I would like to have a long life relationship with a lady who is honest, faithful, as well as true to the Lord, himself and others.I love to be happy and seeing someone i love happy complete that purpose. I love to be loved :)

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50, male, It's Complicated

Central, Singapore

I am a business executive, I have to travel a lot to Asian countries for my works. I am a nice and friendly, and you can say I am the romantic sort of guy, and always treated ladies with respect. I do not smoke and a light drinker. I love and enjoy my works. I have been to Ulaanbaatar for business trip a couple of times and get to know a few Mongolian frIends there. I love Ulaanbaatar except the winter period as I could not stand the very chilling climate. I also get to friends and couple very lovely MonGoliad female friends. They are very warm and passionate people. Till today we still remains in contacts and do meet once in a while in singapore and Hong Kong.

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67, male, Widowed

Neu Glienicke, Germany

I have a favorite chair in the house, and that is MY RECLINER CHAIR. I barely sit elsewhere, except maybe in my Library sometimes, I just make use of the Computer Chair. My favorite TV show of all time are The king of queens, Saving Hope, Thepeteris and Frezned, The Stefy & Cruz Late Night Show, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Walking Dead, Law and Order SVU, The Big Bang Theory, Repo and Parking Wars and some few others i can't remember now.

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65, male, Widowed

Saint Petersburg, United States

i am looking for someone who would share with me shiny days and rainy nights,loud laughs and silent tears, happy moments and crazy deals.I'm looking for an athletic, easy going, down to earth, someone who will share my interests in music, dance, museum and traveling. And also someone who is compassionate, has a great sense of humor, generous and kind.I smile and laugh easily. I enjoyed living on the east and west coasts. I do love the water and could probably sit, read and look out at the ocean for many hours. I enjoy being at the beach, walking and swimming in the ocean. I try to walk 3 miles a day to keep healthy. I have to because I am a meat and potatoes guy. I have traveled all over the world. I have been to Europe a number of times, also Hong Kong, Israel and of course Canada and Mexico. I still enjoy traveling. My next big trip(I hope) will be to Australia/New Zealand or Northern Europe to include Russia. My closest friends live in Denver and Washington, D.C. They come down here once a year and I go up there once per year.My hobbies such as they are reading(newspapers, novels, non-fiction, politics),movies, theater, computer to keep in touch. Traveling-prefer cruising now--, love the boats, beach and water in general. I am a Pisces. I enjoy tennis and dancing but have not done enough of either lately. I like women and enjoy being with them maybe even more than men. I'm a package guy. There are no specifics in what I like other than she should be intelligent, independent and attractive. My "goal" is to keep a smile on my lady's face and in her heart all the time.

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57, male, Divorced

Burrough on the Hill, United Kingdom

I’m looking to meet someone who I click with; chemistry, optimism, passion, honesty and maturity a must. Happy, laid back, easy going, I’m well mannered and fun to be with. I’m told I have a nice smile, wicked sense of humour and contagious laughter which usually leads to bouts of shared hysterics when in company. That said I am grateful to be in good health, fit, with a lovely family, good friends and a wonderful son. I am quite well spoken, avoid expletives, except when I have sliced my finger Young at heart and in outlook, I’m comfortable with myself and what I have achieved in life up to now and I'm content that I've found a way to exist in this world that is both compassionate, tolerant and empathetic of others. I enjoy a drop of wine and cooking stuff, I mean the two go hand in glove don’t they, I’ve even been known to whip up a mean cloud of putrifying black smoke in the kitchen when the toaster blew up. My lemon sorbet ain't bad either and I’m not fazed by soufflé, bisque, sauté, creaming, searing, running, jumping, Gym-ing, whisking, piping, fixing, plumbing, ironing and decorating; oh and riding (I used to own a thoroughbred a few years ago) still have my joddies, boots and lid somewhere in the black hole under the stairs. I like to travel and have worked in Europe for 4 years, also Sardinia, Libya and the UAE. I’ve also visited Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Maldives. I find getting on a plane and going to new destinations and experiencing different cultures is good for the soul.I’m just as happy on the beach with a book or alternatively water ski-ing, scuba diving and exploring the local scenery. Essentially I'm an artistic, creative character at heart and I enjoy time with my son and playing music professionally.I love to connect with the audience through the music and I always try to create a unique moment, the music I play is already very well known and does reach the listener on an emotional level.

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