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Raleigh, United States

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46, male, Single

Cengkareng Barat, Indonesia

Prefer same catholic faith and same city in jakarta. You can say hello and start communicate with me. Langsung wa aja ya kosongdelapanduasatu duaduaempatsatu kosongtujuhempatkosong. Thank's

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32, female, Single

Kirby, United States

i am young girl who love to meet people from other race , i love to act funny sometime like a baby but am not , i like serious minded people who are truthful and faithful.i am a christian catholic .

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45, female, Single

Abaezi, Nigeria

Hello... I am an ordinary and normal Guy that live in a healthy balance life. I am a Catholic and live with norms but also realistic. I believe everything's good are come from God who is the source of all goodness. So if you have good will, good attitude, good mind set, good act, etc, He is into you. So is love. As human, have lackness but who is in God, shall not be lost. I love to love and be loved. Honest, sincere, and caring. Family and friends are important to me. Normal and fit man with sense of humor, mature, smart, caring, loyal, and responsible in life will interest me. Others points will be a value added. At the end, I am not finding a perfect match in the list but in real life. Lets us see how far can we go :)

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34, female, Single

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I believe that religion is a personal issue. I don't need someone to hold the same beliefs as me, just to respect me for my beliefs. I am Catholic and active in social causes. I am well educated about many faiths. I like golf, tennis, hockey, baseball, football, horse riding. As far as music goes I like old rock/roll, fun pop, some classical, and women vocalists. I'm open to new music. I watch very little t. v. I usually have other things to do. I do like "Brothers/Sisters," CNN, Sun A. M. Washington news shows. I have traveled extensively in the South Pacific region, (I used to live in Germany); Europe, enjoyed Italy and Spain); Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, and some of Canada. I would love to spend more time in Mexico and venture down under to Brazil.

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61, male, Widowed

Paris, France

Am a very decent and open minded catholic who is working very hard to see my only son have the very best upbringing. i love my son so much

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