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28, male, Single

Bitu, Philippines

Good day to every one who will read my profile, i am JAN by name i am 22 years old of age i am single without any kids, i am new on this web site, my hobbies are swimming, Cinema, cooking, reading, and watching, those are what i like doing in my free time, i am a Catholic christian, and i go to church every week, and i am not rich but i don't beg for bread, i have no Gold or Silver to give to any WOMAN, but all i can give is true love that will last forever, please if you are interested to get to know me better you can feel free to contact me i will be very glad to meet some one who is also single searching like me, i will stop from here now, you will get to know more better as we keep talking, thanks , God bless you.

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43, female, Single

West Mansfield, United States

About me, I have a good heart, I have a loving heart and am very respectful and kind Woman, my own Religious is Catholic Christian, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life and am very respectful.

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32, female, Single

Kirby, United States

i am young girl who love to meet people from other race , i love to act funny sometime like a baby but am not , i like serious minded people who are truthful and faithful.i am a christian catholic .

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45, female, Single

Abaezi, Nigeria

Hello... I am an ordinary and normal Guy that live in a healthy balance life. I am a Catholic and live with norms but also realistic. I believe everything's good are come from God who is the source of all goodness. So if you have good will, good attitude, good mind set, good act, etc, He is into you. So is love. As human, have lackness but who is in God, shall not be lost. I love to love and be loved. Honest, sincere, and caring. Family and friends are important to me. Normal and fit man with sense of humor, mature, smart, caring, loyal, and responsible in life will interest me. Others points will be a value added. At the end, I am not finding a perfect match in the list but in real life. Lets us see how far can we go :)

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60, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

I enjoy long bike rides especially to and around the beach, racquetball, golf, jogging, hiking...drinks while bowling, darts, pool, shuffleboard is always a good time too! Of course my crazy family & friends are a major source of fun as well.................I enjoy work, sports, the beach, reading and working out at the gym. I like to hang out with positive people either in a group of friends at a local pub or one on one at the local starbucks..Raised Catholic, but I don't attend services.... I find the concept of a "higher being" fascinating to ponder... Karma has been the one constant I really would advocate as my belief.......My religious background is diverse and extensive. I was brought up in a christian home and became Roman Catholic in college. I am currently a member of the LDS church. I like playing the role of tour guide. I have many favorite places all over the world that I enjoy sharing with my new friends. I believe in honesty trust and communications. I feel I am quite open minded, accepting and fully in touch with my emotional side. I love meeting new people, going new places, learning new cultures and customs.

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