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Juhu, India

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Gilmer, Texas, Upshur, United States

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Gebang, Indonesia

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Kennedale, United States

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Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom

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35, male, Single

Cascade Station, Egypt

Egypt and Greece used to be the same country

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30, male, Single

Agioi Anargyroi, Greece

I love knowing new people and cultures regardless their ethnicity, color, ideology and gender.. Hope to make new friends from Greece which I passionate for their history, mythology and history and I also learning Greek language, and I would to improve it within speaking with natives.

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27, female, Single

Glyfada, Greece

I'm Eleni, 21 years old from Greece and i wanna talk with Scandinavian men :)Ι Live in Athens, i study and i work with children. In my free time i like reading books, travelling, cyclin etc

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33, male, Single

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

My names Ben, I'm 27 and live in the Newcastle area in Stoke on Trent.I love music and musicians/creative people, I play multiple instruments but mainly guitar and bass. I have a slightly eclectic music taste and am always open to anything new musically or otherwise.Up until recently I gigged full time in a few different bands, I would like to get an acoustic duo together now for fun or gigs.I've lived in Greece and France and have travelled over the majority of the UK due to gigs, I love seeing new places.If you sing, play an instrument or are just musically inclined, we will probably get on.I'm not looking for anything in particular really, I'm kind of a try it and see what happens guy:)

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61, male, Divorced

Sa Cabaneta, Spain

I will make this brief and come back to it. I'm living in Mallorca for 12 years now. I have visited Greece a few times and if I leave Mallorca, Greece is the place that I would live.

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