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24, male, Single

Hill City, United States

ill cut to the chase as i'm a straight and forward thinking man, if you want a real relationship or are currently pursuing someone who doesn't care about you personally i'm your guy, as ive just got out of a bad 3 year fling with a girl, Its fine though.. theres better out there (how u doin?). Probably like most who sign up for this website, im looking for companionship, someone who is real from the start. A person who sees me for me, and not whats in my wallet. The one and only simple thing i ask from you is, if you decide to message me... be honest and dont play games with me... because, ill be able to see it a mile away... What im trying to say is (dont waste my time, and i wont waste yours). Now that ive made my self clear, heres some things about me personally. i repair vintage amplifiers and am a avid audio nut who likes to have a great time. I also play bass, which for me is fun, especially creating solo bass arrangements! most people who think of bass, don't think of it in that light, takes some time but is always cool to jam :-) as far as movies go, anything with gore and heart throbbers, those are where its at, especially the gore part. I always liked stuff like that because of the hair standing feeling created with it. Likewise Resident evil is my top gaming franchise, walking dead is my favorite tv series, you get the idea. I Also have a broad taste in music everything from big band to technical grindcore, every type of music is fine by me!. As far as personality is concerned, im a quite laid back person who is easy to get along with, a person who is open to other peoples opinions, and enjoys the simpler things in life, shoot me a message ;-)

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74, male, Widowed

McGaheysville, United States

I'm really looking for Someone Honest,Caring,Romantic,Kind,Posses Great Sense of Humour,Understanding,Intelligent,Respectful and Trustworthy..I like fishing,camping,reading,going to the movies,hanging around with friends,cracking jokes,listening to music,dancing, and also spending time with someone interesting I am a person who looks beyond what may be the obvious. Characteris worth more than flashiness.. I am a person who appreciates honesty and a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and to enjoy the simple things in life. I would appreciate a person who has a good sense of who he is and a sense of direction about where he wants to be. I can appreciate a man who sees a woman as a friend and a partner.I love old movies and old songs. I love jazz and the arts. I know that men and women all have an inner child within and hat is why I would appreciate days filled with fun and laughter. I respect and adhere to taking care of business in life--family, work, community, etcI am old fashioned guy who believes women should be treated with dignity and respect. And I believe that men and women are equals and as such there should be mutual respect shown. I wasn't always like that, I was brought up that men were men and were not suppose to show emotion and definitely didn't share their problems with a woman. My God that would be a sign of weakness and men are fixers and conqueror of all things. As I grew older I realized that all that was probably the reason for so many divorces in this country. Men should be equal partners with their women, he should trust her and share all with her as he would want her to do with him. Another trait I learned is to listen, just not hear but truly listen and not be so anxious to fix everything. Some-times a woman just wants to know that she was heard and is supported. A hard lesson to learn and a lot of guys just don't get it. I am very diverse and enjoy doing many things. I enjoy sports, reading, horseback riding, cooking and I do a lot

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38, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am serious, well balanced, I appreciate true friendship and sincere relationships between people. Sometimes I can be too direct but I am loyal, calm and communicative. I am the type of person who is able to follow her dreams and it is easy for me to be happy even if life circumstances are upsetting - they say it is a sign of mature person. I know how to be caring and loving and want to find the man who can appreciate this.I am light on my feet and like to make sudden small trips to other towns. My town is surrounded with 2 rivers, so swimming skills are necessary. I enjoy swimming as I find this relaxing and good not only for health but also for my beauty. Music is important part of my day - for my soul listening to it is like drinking water for my body. I think I am spiritual and I like reading esoteric books.I am looking for an honest and decent man - I think these qualities are essential for family life. That would be great to meet a man who has good sense of humour as I believe a good smile and a joke is the best remedy from problems, troubles and bad mood. I see my husband also as my best friend and I believe love is a process of 2 people growing closer and exploring each other every day. That is a kind of adventure. So if my man can take risks and is adventurous, that is an advantage. I hope my man will respect me and will be attentive to my needs. But I also know that all my words will fail when I see and recognize my destiny in the person I talk to

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28, male, Single

Holbrook, United States

I am unlike anyone you have ever meet. Some people tell me that I am gifted, talented or special. They are probably just jealous that I can say Mississippi backwards while riding a unicycle! I can even sign it (poorly) if its a National Holiday! is the juicy part. I am a guy of many passions; one thousand lifetimes would not be enough for me to do all that I want to do and learn all I ought to learn. I adore playing my guitar and composing music that no one in the history of the world has ever heard before. I loose myself in my outdoor adventures and in nature's awe inspiring beauty, be it hiking in the gorgeous Appalachian trail ,diving in the Florida Keys or kayaking towards the sunset with a good friend. I am an overcharged energizer bunny with very big ambitions! Crossfit, Marathons, Mixed Martial Arts and anything that pumps my blood like a bullet is my lifelong fuel and my ultimate wake up call. I am also a passionate Real Estate Finance student at FIU and work as a real estate agent in the great Blue Star Realty Company. I love the world, and I don't say it in a YOLO kind of way, I really mean that shit. One day I will fulfill my dream of becoming a billionaire and travel every corner of this awesome planet we are so lucky to live in. So many places to see, lessons to learn, moments to leave you humble, thankful, crying and breathless and jokes to laugh until your sides hurt and tears burst.I am not looking for a hookup, one night stand or anything of that nature. I want a girl that gets me (without pretending to be something she is not -.-), that encourages my strengths and helps my weaknesses and that I do the same to her. I want a girl that I can introduce to my equally passionate friends, a girl that loves to have a blast and just loosen up and have fun and go out to a bunch of places! I want a girl that makes me want to be better!

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26, male, Single

Washington, United States

This was a long process to sign up for this site, so ima upload no pics, but put my snapchat and kik on here.Snapchat: DeathKnight76oKik: Super.Taco69Im down for anything. Looking for someone in encinitas.

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