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52, male, Widowed

Leary, United States

I love to see myself as a cheerful, articulated,hardworking, and loving man, with a good sense of humor, who can really make good use of the space created in a relationship to achieve memorable event for future referrals, cos that will be what you could fall back to and remember that you have really had nice times together, then maybe solve the puzzle.I live on exercises, normal workouts, keeps me going. Most times I try to get into Sales, Exports of goods depending on sizes and location, So I spend most of my time keeping busy, then My son Jamie filling up the blank spaces, as I have to look after him when am home on usual offs. I enjoy every bit of time I spend with him, because I have been working overseas for the past 8 months now.I live a calm life, I love peace in a home, no wars entertained in home, just wouldn't wanna be showing the kids how bad we can be, do we?

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57, male, Divorced

Hollowayville, United States

I devote 100% to a relationship.There isn't a half way mark in a relationship, either you want it or you don't.I want to make that woman feel like she is the only woman on earth.I'm soft hearten, romantic, and very caring. I would like a woman that can handle a lot of attention and give a lot of attention. Being affectionate is very important to me..both giving and receiving.I like to show my feelings all the time,lots of hugs,kisses..and touching.she should want to do the same.... I enjoy doing a lot of things together, as opposed to "doing our own thing". However,I realize that everyone does need their own space and she should too.I express my inner feelings comfortably and I would appreciate those qualities in that woman.I love a quiet, peaceful night spent with just a bottle of wine and each other.I enjoy listening to music, traveling, walks along the ocean at dusk, making romantic dinners for two..intimate conversations, spontaneity, holding hands, a gentle touch, a hug and kiss just because...I do have my insecurities, but don't we all. We are human! Chemistry is the key. Life is not a dress rehearsal. It's the real thing. Different times, different experiences make life more interesting.I would like someone I can make love to with all the passion and sincerity you could ever imagine. Someone I can be uninhibited with. I need that woman to trust me enough to communicate with me and work out any differences we may have. Honesty and open communication is a must. I am a very forgiving person. Deep affection between two people is so rare to come by but when you do it is the most awesome experience you could ever imagine. I know what I need in a relationship, respect is what we owe, love is what we get. I believe in spiritual and physical love and the magic it brings to life. You must have both to have a successful relationship. I would like a lifelong partner who has a grasp on what is involved in having an honest, open relationship. Together we could accomplish.

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44, male, Single

Kenmare, United States

I am a fun and energetic persons who enjoys outdoors and appreciate spending my time with honest and sincere people who have very good communication skills as i am a dedicated listener.Very affectionate and loving to my partner as i am a perfectionist by nature and give each person their space and time as needed.Believe in having a partner that supports my vision and goals as i value theirs and only want to meet someone who is positive and believe in themselves. I have seen the entire world in 16 years and accepts each person for who they are.I enjoy exercising ,going to the beach and love music and dancing to all kinds of music except loud rock and roll or techno.I am interested in someone sincere and honest that has a job,and not afraid to be themselves.I am passionate about someone who never regret their past and move on to a positive future and share companionship striving for both person to be happy rather than take away happiness from another person.

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42, male, Single

Sanford, United States

Hi everyone i am jonathan this is the first time,that I post my self on the internet(feels funny),because i normally meet people in person,but I guess it should not be a problem to meet the right person.(yes it is)so I give this a try.I am a 34year young man(But I look and feel like early 20,s)I just want to find one good real woman that knows how to treat a real man(Because I know how to treat a woman) well im not your EX nor the man your mom or dad warned you about(im better than that lol) .I am a decent looking man and have a good heart and soul and knows how to make a woman feel like she is the only woman in the room(sometimes to good that's what people say) i am caring, very open& honest (I hate lies )truthful,very romantic, funny and adventures love to do things,but also relax, love to cook,(i guess I should be chef,lol),listen to soul,jazz and r&b, watch good movies etc.romance movie and my favorite is Love don't cost a thing and i am hard working and very ambitious,but know when to stop and take time for you.If you are looking for a good husband and success relationship,call on me no games i will treat you like queen. then maybe i am the one. I am not a control freak and expect the same ,give each other space and respect.So if you are Honest (no freaking lies and stories) beautiful from the inside out, have a good heart and soul and like some how to plan things in life and looking for a real true relationship then im the man for you.

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33, male, Single

Keshena, United States

I've been a musician all my life basically. It's pure instinct for me. I've combined artistic collaboration with romance before and tend to feel that it generates good results. Also, i can always have something to talk about with if I'm with another artist. Sometimes similar tastes and approaches to music can say something about someone, what their sensibilities and sensitivities are. Musicians can be very subtle people sometimes (okay, not every musician, definitely know some wild ones) so finding a connection between subtle people can require a lot of patience. I'm a pretty loving, romantic gay dude who likes caring for anyone that i like and who lets me. So yeah, definitely looking for another man when it comes to dating, but i'm willing to make non-romantic connections with any artist of any age or gender if you feel there might be something worth talking about. I really like psychedelic music of all kinds, i like a lot of space and texture and atmosphere and color and heart. I guess i've been playing mostly heavy psychedelic rock (or a type of it that i guess a lot of people call Post-Metal). here's one of my favorite albums at the moment:)I also like a lot of electronic music, ambient and psy and goa and deep trance and deep house.I even like some country, good ol' Townes Van Zandt is one of my poet-warrior heroes. I currently live in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Music brought me out here. Puget Sound called to me, I relate strongly with a lot of the music this region has inspired and it is a good place to be to get a taste of that inspiration. Environment is important to me and I feel like any music i make reflects the environment i'm in. I needed those mountains and waters and evergreens! I'm from St. Louis, Missouri originally. I feel like the music i made back there was more oppressive, i feel like since moving out here i've really opened up as an artist and as a human.

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