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55, male, Separated

Leipzig, Sachsen, Leipzig, Germany

(scammers, don't even try. I know your tricks)Deutsch:Ich suche nach einem Partner fürs Leben. Einer, der denkt, dass ein gemeinsames Leben völliges Vertrauen bedeutet, gemeinsame Träume und Projekte, ständiger Wunsch nach Nähe und gegenseitiger Gesellschaft ist genug, um Glück zu bringen.---English:I am looking for a partner for life. One who thinks that a life together means complete trust, common dreams and projects, constant desire for closeness and mutual company is enough to bring happiness.

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67, male, Married

Raleigh, United States

Nelson Michael is the name, and i am from America and a military personnel, i am here because i have it mind that i am going to see my life partner here, i am among of those people who never believe on anything like internet dating until a friend told me a lot about it and he also go further to say he got his wife through internet dating, that is the most reason why i am here because i believe that there are still good woman on earth and i am also going to see my life partner here on this site OK...

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45, female, Divorced

Broughton, United Kingdom

I moved to England from Hungary 1,5 years ago. I work as a quality engineer in automotive industry. Please I am only looking for a man in England, living close enough to me, who I can meet easily. I am not interested in a lot younger men either, sorry.I like to spend my time with quality activities. I love the harmony I feel when I spend time in nature. I appreciate the achievements of modern technology, but I prefer to take a real book into my hands. I am interested in natural medicine and alternative therapies. I have a spiritual perspective, I think there must be a greater purpose of life. I like creative activities and I enjoy travelling. I'm talkative, I like connecting with others but they say I am a good listener as well. Respect and appretiation are very important for me.I am looking for a partner to share my daily life with, have stability and fun. Of course, it's important to find some areas of interest in common and to have similar values. I can easily accept people as they are if there is love and respect. I can't imagine life without humour. Deep conversations are also essential. It is important for me to express the attraction towards each other in the daily life even after years.

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39, female, Single

Claremont, United States

i am single looking for my life partner ...

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30, male, Single

Dransfeld, Germany

any kind of of I like it I don't know about that . that what will be m I doing but i hope that i will be found it a good partner I hope

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