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Anand Vihar, India

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New Milford, United States

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Basant Avenue, India

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39, female, Single

Neville, United States

I'm pretty simple and laid back..I think anyways. Life is way to short, so u really need to get out and make the most of it. Do what has to be done and then just go out and have fun. It sure does make a difference if u have a companion by ur side. (Love to hold hands:) Like, go out to dinner, go to a show or just stay at home, rent a flick and cuddle on the couch with that special someone ... I mean really who doesn't like that.Some say I'm shy but I think it all depends on the situation. I'm a honest, loyal, loving and caring person. I'm also very soft hearted. Is that a good thing or bad?? Hope to find someone that has those qualities too.

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66, male, Widowed

Chesterfield, United States

I am not going to try and sell anyone on me, but here are some things I like. I enjoy being with friends and family but I also like time alone or with that special someone. I love to water ski, sing, play tennis, used to love golf but haven't had the time for that. Not to brag, but I am a pretty good cook, I love good wine, and I am very spontaneous. Like almost everyone on here, my kids and my granddaughter are the best things in my life. They are all grown. I spend a lot of time on the water with my son's skiing and wake boarding, I love to travel, my favorite place is Italy, but I love the beach so I always make time for a beach vacation....I love to cook for my family or friends, have a few margaritas or a nice bottle of wine. I lplay tennis, read voraciously and I am a fan of Texas Holdem and play on a weekly basis. But mostly I love to hang out in the boat with those I care aboutHere is my unvarnished opinion on things. I am not the expert, lol, obviously, or I wouldn't be on Match. I learned a lot from my marriage, but more from my divorce. My ex and I are friends, but we don't double date. As for dating and the match thing, I think I have been trying too hard. So I will just lay it out there. This is what I really feel and what I am really looking for. 1. You can't look for a soul mate. God will help you find one if you give yourself the opportunities, but you can't look for one.2. Everyone has a little baggage, but it better fit in one suitcase, I don't want to carry it for you.3. I believe in staying active and staying in decent shape, but I am not going to obsess about it. After all, I am not trying to attract a 35 year old and if you are, then pass me by.4. As for my perfect woman. She isn’t perfect. She doesn’t have a perfect body because she isn’t a supermodel. But she isn’t fat. She's in decent shape and there is an hourglass there somewhere, its just a little softer. Some gravity has set in because she isn’t 25 anymore. But sh

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37, female, Single

Hampton, United States

Romantic men are very few. If you are one of the few, contact me now!We all know the Gods are crazy, but is there anywhere crazier than that to take

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34, male, Single

Grenaa, Denmark

Im 26 years old, working for Danish company... :) in the same time still finishing collage... all rather talk to you face to face than write here my personal stuff...

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47, female, Divorced

Frauendorf, Germany

I'm Doris wayne ,born in Germany raise in US. I have one son... He his joy in my life. I'm divorce and I'm a christian. I believe in honesty, loyal, trust and communication.I want a man that fear God as I love and fear God....I work as a contractor .....I have goals and dream for my future.....I 'm looking for a man that respect me as I will respect him. Im about to be 40 yrs . The way I look in my picture that me, some people say I look younger ...Thank You...Im nature woman, I don't use make up or die my hair...So the way I look I look every morning ok... I m looking someone that value family, and knows when he got a good woman by his side.....Many man with out know me or taking the chance to know me , they want one thing...or they say I love you....I love you it mean so much and take time to develop...I'm not a woman that I have to give my self to that man...I'm not about to play games ... Im looking for a serious relationship someone to be my partner for ever ... with God in the center.... Well I hope I didn't offended anyone that not my intention. Well thank you for your time ... Be bless. I love to laugh and have a good sense of humor I dont' like to argue about something that is not important. I don't like to worry about things... It doesnt mean that I dont care Is that life keep going way worry. It I cant resolve the problem way worry and getting mad..just let it go.

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