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52, male, Divorced

Kell, United States

Intellectually curious, driven, accomplished, entrepreneurial-minded man looking for fun, laughter, adventure, and open to exploring new places and people. I am of German descent (4th generation??), born and raised in the Midwest (with a strong Midwestern work ethic), lived in Wisconsin, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Orange County-CA and now Atlanta since 1999. My professional background is in technology (first half of my career) an entrepreneurship/finance (second half of my career). I have been divorced for about four years. I live and work in mid-town Atlanta. I'm looking to balance my entrepreneurial pursuits and time with my12-year old son (with me every other week; every 2-3 weeks or so during the summer), with quality time spent with someone special. I enjoy concerts, spring/summer/fall outdoor activities, time near/on the water and weekend getaways. I don't really have any preconceived ideas about where my experience here on this site will lead. Looking to meet a quality person (honesty, not perfection, above all else!), who laughs at life, can be a great friend and trusted confidant. I'm a sucker for a great, authentic smile. I certainly understand that beautiful women get a lot of attention and need to guard their own space, yet I really appreciate a women who is approachable and down-to-earth. Not meek, mind you; I appreciate the feisty, independent types. And yes, ultimately, compatibility, chemistry and passion are key to a thriving relationship; otherwise friendships are always welcome! Let's find some time to explore a journey together.

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30, female, Single

Rockybranch, United States

Open to anything I love conversation and meeting peoe I'm from San Bernardino Cali I currently live in Iowa send me a message for moreAsk any questions about whatever I'm not shy

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52, male, Single

Mount Pleasant, United States

My name is Lance in San Antonio, TX. I am in search of my best friend and sweetheart/princess for life. I am honest, hardworking, fun loving and easy going. I love movies, travel, music, nature, sports, dancing, ice hockey, surfing and so much more. I also love WWE Wrestling and The UFC and MMA. I am just so tired of being single and all the stupid head games people play with other;s emotions, it's just not right to do that. I have been single for quite a while and it has gotten very old. I want to spend my time and the rest of my days on earth with the One Very Special Lady I love and care for. I hope to hear back from My Angel soon, I know you are out there somewhere and plus I want someone to spend the holidays with. I love Europe, The UK and Scandinavia and Canada if that helps ya out :0) God Bless, talk to ya soon.

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64, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am in great physical shape work out, run..and eat wisely but love to cheat from time to time! I am also young at heart ... energetic, love to have fun and laugh and enjoy the good life. My interests are sports especially college football, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding especially in Montana and Wyoming to cook from gourmet to barbecue ...concerts (especially Chastain) movies, theater, art, symphony, fine dining, but am content to spend the evening at home alone with the right person cooking together with soft music, candlelight and a great bottle of wine. ..and love to travel (my favorite place is San Francisco and the Napa Valley area) I am very spontaneous and always on the go can be out of jeans, showered, and into tux in 5 minutes.I enjoy deep conversation about life, human feeling and spiritual stimulation ... am very intellectually inquisitive. I can find humor in almost anything.I am looking for a woman who is intelligent and enjoys great conversation, is stable and secure. She is sincere, but loves humor, laughter, and wit. She is mature, but youthful, playful, and can have fun. She has taste and class both in her appearance and surroundings. She is creative and can pull things together. She is physically proportioned and fit and seeks a healthy lifestyle. She is active, enthusiastic, and positive about herself and life in general. She is independent and has her own life and interests, as I do, that can be taught and shared together. She has integrity and honesty and can connect with others and herself.She is passionate and romantic and enjoys being a woman.

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68, male, Single

Washington, United States

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, am a youthful age 61 and enjoying an active retirement. I recently visited Cambodia, including Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat. The experience had a great impact on me. I was deeply moved by the warmth and soulfulness of the Cambodian people. The Cambodian culture seems to embody values which are different than, and in some important ways possibly superior to, the values in the United States. Overall I felt a compassion in Cambodia that is often absent in the U.S. I hope to meet a Cambodian woman who has these qualities, and that she will help me have a more fulfilling life. The San Francisco Bay Area, where I was born and grew up, is a beautiful place with many fun and interesting things to do and a very pleasant climate. I like to hike and do other activities which the Bay Area and other nearby parts of California, with its beaches, parks, and mountains, not to mention museums and concert halls, etc., provide many opportunities for. My biggest interest is in music, and I play in 3 music groups playing rock, pop, blues, jazz, and world music. When I was at the Ta Prohm temple complex in Angkor Wat I saw a group of Cambodian musicians playing beautiful traditional Khmer music and was very impressed by it. I hope a Cambodian woman with interests similar to mine will respond to this posting.

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