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31, female, Single

Malverne, United States

Hi, my name is Mina Jennifer Ruby Han, and I was born in New Jersey, where I can get my education soon enough. Someday, I will strive for the final destination: Los Angeles and pursue my entertainment career (like a movie producer, actress, singer, etc.) there...and no matter how long I will stay in LA, I will "rest in peace" there, instead of my birthplace in New Jersey. For the Honeymoon times, I would like to spend some free time with someone (who matches with me) to somehow travel around the States, if possible. I know how I feel when I get sick and tired of having a short-term relationship, but I really REALLY want a long-term relationship, instead, just to build social connections. But I have to TRY to find someone MY type. MUSIC: pop, rap, r&b, anything BOOKS: anything I like, depends MOVIES: anything I like I'm not saying something awkward, but I just want myself a date or someone who can rely on me when it comes to building GOOD relationships, even as friends.

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72, male, Divorced

Amherst, United States

I love baseball (the Boston Red Sox) Turner Classic Movies (I am sort of a old movie historian) mystery stories (especially Rex Stout and Ross MacDonald) and several of the BBC Crime stories on PBS. I have become a big fan of "Inspector Banks" and "Death in Paradise." I am 64 years old, a white male with a full head of hair, no balding. It is hot where I live (Las Vegas) so I keep my silver colored hair quite short, but conservative, not a Marine cut. I have no tattoos. I despise tattoos, especially on woman and girls, as I think they take away from a females natural beauty. I keep myself in pretty good shape, maybe five pounds over the limit, so I weigh in at about 180 pounds. I am five feet, seven inches tall. I have strong legs and strong arms, no tummy, just a little too heavy in the torso. (or so I think.) I have a very short goatee that covers my chin and upper lip but no my neck. My goatee is almost all white with some black and gray hair in it.I was a community activist when I was in my 20's and quite liberal/leftist in my politics. I never finished college as I always seemed to be working, frequently as a writer and then a historical researcher; books, documentary films, that sort of thing. I finally ended up in Los Angeles in 1987 and worked in television production until a few years ago, when I went to live for about two years in Kenya, Africa. I will explain all that later. My best known work was as an associate producer on "The Wonder Years" which I was very proud of. At this time I work distributing older, historic movies with DVD companies as well as basic cable TV. I was born in Springfield, MA on July 31, 1950, so I recently had a birthday. I don't feel 64, but then again I am not sure what a 64 year old man is supposed to feel like! I try and act youthful (occasionally silly and goofy) and have a good sense of humor. I think funny is Bob and Ray, W.C. Fields, Fred Allen, Groucho Marx, and maybe the master of cinema comedy, Preston Sturges.

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52, male, Single

McNaughton, United States

This is my first online profile I've written. What do you want to know? I love watching movies. I love laughing. I love long conversations and getting to know people.I'm originally from Pennsylvania but I've moved around a lot over the last 25 years. I've lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Florida. I moved back to Seattle several months ago because I used to live here about 15 years ago and I'm really happy to be back. It sure has changed a bit but I'm looking forward to getting outside this spring and summer. Perhaps you want to join me for a hike or let's discover a new restaurant. Perhaps a vegan restaurant? ...more on that later :)I live a somewhat quiet life, but I think that may be because I find it hard to meet people. I'd probably get out more if I knew more people. I would love to go to hear some jazz or play some jazz at an open mic night but I just don't feel like going by myself.I work a simple job, but it's stable. Currently my days off are Monday & Tuesdays. I don't make a lot of money but I don't need a lot of money. I just thought I'd mention that in case money is important to you. I do have a few passions. I'm a jazz drummer. I'm not in a band now but I'm hoping to join or start a band someday. But this would be for fun. I'm not planning on leaving town on a world tour. Also, I have a vegan diet. You don't need to be a vegan as well but you may have to hear me talk about it. It's what vegans do. :)I would like to meet people for companionship. I'm hoping to make some nice friendships and see where it goes from there. If we share interests and become friends, then I will consider this experiment a success. If there is any romance, then that would be a nice bonus but if not, hey that's OK too.As is probably obvious, I'm not good at writing these online profiles. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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53, male, Widowed

Twain Harte, United States

Am Teddy Johnson from Los Angeles U S, Civil Engineer in construction of Roads and Bridges, Maters Degree Holder

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46, male, Single

Manchester, United Kingdom

my name's David Martins from Los Angeles CA but i live and work in England, i'm single seriously looking for relationship i hope i will find honest person one day

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